07 August 2010

VA - Beyond The Horizon ..... An Homage to
And Also The Trees

An ongoing project since 2002 showcasing vast genres, countries and wonderful interpretations of the works of these sublime post punk heroes. My favorite cover on this compilation and the reason why I seeked it out is for Arc Gotic's version of The Pear Tree. Having many similarities, they are able to capture the same decadence and atmosphere that AATT was known for. Many other excellent covers some by known bands and many unknown, below I have linked websites to the various band that are featured on this Compilation.

*Arc Gotic - The Pear Tree*

Beyond The Horizon - An hommage to And Also The Trees

Jerome Avril ( Mary Goes Round ) - Anchor Yard
Karsten Nielson - Another Bullet Head
Monica's Last Prayer - Brother Fear
The Bright Stairs - Brother Fear
Malcom Lowry - Dialogue
Prints - Gone..Like The Swallows
Le Chaos Entre 2 Chaises + Aube L - Jacobs Fleet
Frederic Troung - L'Unica Strada
Mindfields - Mermen of the Lea
De Volanges - Missing ( yeah this track is 10:49..listen to the whole thing it's brilliant )
Golden Apes - Red Valentino
Magnetfisch - Roulette
No It IS Opposition - Scarlet Arch
Vestfalia's Peace - Scythe & Spade
Cryptic Scenery - Sea Change
IMWI - Suffering The Stream
My Eternal Thief - Talk Without Words
Dark Orange - The House Of The Heart
Arc Gotic - The Pear Tree
The Rainfall Years - The Reply
The Pale Flowers- There was a Man Of Double Deed
Babel 17 - Twilight Pools


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  5. wonderful comp.One of my favs 90's postpunk along with this one i found a bunch of days ago:


    Some great eighties band and rare tracks

  6. I stumbled on this years ago hunting for Arc Gotic as well. Sad to say I have some small contact with them, but they are really hard to nail down about buying music!

  7. Arghhhh Fritz..that whole situation is just a bit.........STRANGE.
    And a real damn shame..they are just too good!
    There is a Romanian 'dark' music webshop that sells 'Pavilion Marilla'
    BUT one thing it's all in Romanian ;)

    Bloody Hell !
    and so the neverending quest continues for the things one cannot have.....

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