25 June 2010

Qua Dance- A Heart 7" & Toilets - An Unspoiled land 7" (The Netherlands)

Yet another helping of Dutch post punk from the Top Hole label

Qua Dance - A Heart 7" 1982
Top Hole Records

a1 A Heart
a2 Fallbreak

**May appeal to those who like Xmal Deutschland and Asmodi Bizarr

*A Heart*

A thumbs up for this great 7"

Toilets - An Unspoiled Land 7" 1981
Top Hole Records

a1 An Unspoiled Land
a2 Do The Gamelan

*An unspoiled Land*


  1. this is really a good post'' thank you for sharing this' and thank you again for the veil' i got my 12' copy of manikin' by the veil' thanks slow pulse girl..

  2. My Pleasure ! Your constantly throwing new stuff my way I'm glad I could return the favor :)