22 January 2011

Adrian Borland - The SHH! Recordings ' Harmony & Destruction Demos '

A million thanks to Malcolm for sharing this
There seems to be some inconsistencies with the album art, The cover say SSH Recordings, and the back artwork says SHH Recordings. I wanted to point this out to avoid any unnecessary comments. Yes.. whoever made this bootleg forgot to check their spelling errors..
but who gives a damn right!

The SHH! Recordings
Harmony & Destruction Demos

Destiny Stops Screaming
Ghost of Your Heart
Get Me A Witness
In The Field
Angel Sulk
Land Meets Ocean
Are These The Days
Europe is a Darkroom
Forever From Here
When A Star Dies
Love Will Save The Day
Angel Sulk pt.2
Song Damn Song
Heart Goes Down Like The Sun
Summer Wheel


  1. Thank you so much for this fantastic post !!!
    Rad ! Rad ! Rad !


  2. Thanks a lot for theese rarieties of Adrian ... I didnt know that there were so much more demos and stuff around ... I just knew the "Amsterdam Tapes" demos which I bought some time ago on some website.
    Theese recordings are pretty nice - thanks again


  3. not to forget "Last days of the rainmachine" .. also quite nice songs which not everyone knows about ...


  4. This CD could upload again, thank you very much in advance!!!

    if you had it in FLAC would be great!

    1. Hi Arturo ..link is restored but sadly unable to redo it in FLAC..it's a bootleg and this is the quality I received it in so unfortunately this is the best quality that I can offer it up as. sorry for that..enjoy it anyways lots of gems on this one. ..cheers !