23 January 2011

Short Romans - Short Romans 1987 (Germany)

To change it up a bit from The Sound and Adrian Borland bootlegs I've been posting lately. This is the second self-titled album from German band Short Romans. Their sound is guitar driven, dark and catchy as hell. At times yes, they sound a bit over-produced, perhaps even cliche!? Still... tracks like Linda and Jealous Way manage to lodge it's way deep into the inner recesses of the brain and you find yourself putting it on repeat... needless to say I absolutely Love these guys !

I'll be posting their 1st release 37 Guitars and more info about them shortly.

Will appeal to those who like Comsat Angels ,
early Marquee Moon, and Laughing House



  1. love your blog.I ll try this one .many thanks from patagonia

  2. Otro muy buen grupo rock-NewWave

  3. "I'll be posting their 1st release 37 Guitars and more info about them shortly" --> don't you forget, please ...!

    1. "don't you forget, please ...!"

      I guess he realised that there's no CD release of "37 Guitars", so he has to rip the vinyl to post the tracks here...

    2. short romans: 37 guitars ---> http://www.mediafire.com/?g46dranyx1wn8kh

  4. ahh cool - Im very grateful for this music. its always so damn nice to discover new stuff from the eighties. Thanks a lot !!

    Does anybody ever got his hands on the last record of "Short Romans" called "Kicked out of Wonderland" ?

  5. Your links are down...Can you re-up it, please? Thanks!