17 March 2011

VA - Woke Up Smiling (1995) A Bedazzled Label Sampler

Started by the members of the band Strange Boutique, Bedazzled Records was a Washington D.C Based record label that lasted 11 years between 1989 - 1999. They were primarily known for showcasing Dreampop, Shoegaze, Darkwave and Gothrock bands such as: Switchblade Symphony, Strange Boutique, The Curtain Society, Siddal and This Ascension(which ended up moving to Tess records )

VA - Woke Up Smiling (1995)
*Bedazzled Records*

Mistle Thrush - She is a Flower
The Curtain Society - Cradle
Strange Boutique - In the Lonely trees
Where I Wake Warm - Sense Of Skin
Viola Peacock - An Angel A Week
Feast of Saints - In Galleons Lap
Johanna's House Of Glamour - As Far As Forever
Chainsuck - Shindo
Ultracherry Violet - Wayve
Blueshift Signal - Halo *amazing track ! *
Siddal - A Glendale Melody
An April March - Delirium
Underflowers - Psalms to the Sun
Lanterna - Falling

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  1. Some good tunes & some good albums released

    Not a Bedazzled band, but of the time & the DC area