02 February 2011

The Sun and the Moon - The Great Escape 1999

The almost complete anthology of The Sun and The Moon minus one track 'Elected'. The reason why this track was omitted from this compilation was explained by Mark Burgess:

"Due to complications arising around the Alice Cooper Track 'Elected' dispatch of the Sun And The Moon CD 'The Great Escape' will be delayed by around three weeks. This is the situation. When the ep 'alive; not dead' was issued the licensing of this track was in the name of Midnight Music, not Glass Pyramid, as we had always believed. Midnight Music no longer exist and therefore the license is void. We have been trying to sort out the paper work that would allow us to continue with the inclusion of this track but changes in copyright law along with lack of efficient responses on the part of the copyright owners and controllers have hindered these attempts. The pressing was halted at the 11th hour, artwork readjusted and re-filmed and the track 'Elected' has been pulled from the release. This is sad but frankly we were just not prepared to faff around any longer."

The Sun and the Moon was a post Chameleons project that spanned over two years from 1987 - 1989 releasing 1 full length and 3 singles.

The Sun and The Moon were:

Mark Burgess
John Lever
Andy Whit
Andy Clegg


Peace In Our Time 1988 Geffen

The Sun and The Moon 1988 Geffen

Alive; Not Dead 1988 Glass Pyramid

The Speed Of Life 1988 Geffen

The Sun and The Moon - The Great Escape
CD 1999 Glass Pyramid
* accompanying the Mp3's is full album art and scans of all the Lyrics*

The Speed of Life
The Death Of Imagination
A Matter of Conscience
Peace In our Time
House On Fire
The Price OF Grain
Limbo Land
A Picture of England
This Passionate Breed
The Boy Who Sees everything
I Love you, You Bastard
C'est La Vie
Arabs and Americans


  1. Muy buen recopilatorio.......... Gracias por compartir buenos grupos. disfruto de este blog...

  2. Wonderful post!

    it's just an amazing and stunning collection of songs... really sad it's such a rare cd

    warmest regards <3

    ...soleil et la lune, la vie...

  3. Joakim :)

    You are more then right about that.
    I bought this back in 2001 and payed quite a bit of money for it I'm afraid. I think out of all of their releases this is possible the hardest one to obtain or find for that matter.

  4. What can I say? I'm just a Chemeleons nut. So thank you.

  5. great post!! been looking for this cd for a while now. thanx a lot.

  6. Still got great taste in music, I see!

  7. Great blog! Don't know how I found it. Keep up the great work. Are you aware of Mark Burgess's new project?

    Great stuff, I bought all 3 CDs for $25!