23 July 2011

Navastrau - Vergess Mir Nit 7" (1980) US

Navastrau were a duo from Chicago consisting of Rick Gallo(former member of The Cunts) and vocalist Gretchen Witte; who were also part of the Disturbing Records crew, one of the first punk labels in Chicago. The band was known for their post punk minimal sound and their reluctance to perform live. On August 4th, 1981 they finally decided to do a show at Exit, they billed it as "their first and only" before playing New York, the gig at the Exit sold out.
J. von Damen, one of the writers for The Coolest Retard liked their debut single so much he sent a copy of it to Ralf Hutter of Kraftwerk. Who was impressed by the single, but when seeing them was 'underwhelmed' by their live performance. Navastrau also came out with 1 more single in 1981 where a relatively unknown at the time Al Jourgensen would play bass for a few of the tracks.
The thing I really like about this single is that each song slightly differs in style, varying from minimal synth wave to NDW to erratic post punk funk with a blaring sax. While all accompanied by male and female vocals both in German and in English, but what stood out the most was the track 'Looking from an Airplane'. Thanks again to Jason Hall for providing the rip and the artwork.

Navastrau - Vergess Mir Nit 7" (1980)

A1. Vergess Mir Nit
A2. Navastrau Theme
B1. Looking From An Airplane
B2. Continental Welcome

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