09 September 2009


No intro is needed for these 4AD label pioneers. Here are some small but great offering from John Peel.

1st Peel Session:
  1. Some One Calling

  2. Being Peeled

  3. Face of Wood
2nd Peel Session
  1. Sixteen Days

  2. Mesh and Lace

  3. a Viable Commercial

Here is the complete BBC radio recording which has a few extra tracks not on the peel sessions release.


  1. How does one go about getting this release? Is it CD or vinyl?
    I live in Seattle and been trying to get these sessions for a long time.



  2. Hey E,
    Thanks for checking out our blog :)
    But to anwser your question....
    This is a bootleg CD I picked up over 9 years ago back when I first started college in Fullerton, California. I found it in a little hole in the wall record shop called Black Hole Records, where the guy there besides the fact being spun out of his mind on coke, was a walking encyclopedia.
    From what I remember he purchased things from a contact of his over in the UK and this bootleg was part of a cache of things from this contact. I still am researching my self if these sessions are still available or if even exist on vinyl ?? But like you, have come to a few dead ends. I have another bootleg CD I bought a few years ago that has demos and such if your interested ...

  3. SPG,

    Thanks for the response.
    Glad to see early ME material being circulated and appreciated.
    I tried searching high and low for the Peel Sessions release since the 80's and even though ME were listed on a list of Peel releases I recall seeing, I believe the a ME Peel Session never came to fruition. I did manage to come across some digital tracks from back in the early napster days. However, the quality was very questionable and bitrates were very low.
    I am always interested in very early ME material. Anything past After The Snow, I pass on since I feel ME was very groundbreaking early on in their career.
    I can be reached at ealdrett@gmail.com.


  4. ED.....
    here's another ME bootleg I think you may like it has lots of demos and extra peel sessions..but the quality goes in and out.

    enjoy :)

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