08 September 2009

SIAM (Israel)

One of the best things to come out of Tel-Aviv during the Israeli new wave scene. Very unique wall of sound complete with echoey guitars, synths and electric violins. At times brings to mind U2, Simple Minds and Killing joke during their ' Brighter Than a Thousand Suns ' period. Many, Many Thanks to Hanoch for introducing me to various bands from Israel and most of all SIAM a few years ago, I can never get tired of them. Below is a compilation of their complete discography stuff taken from their live 12" Saiam from '86, War and Piece And Inbetween LP '89, and some unreleased material.


+Tracks Listing +
01. Siam-Instrumental
02. Intro/You
03. Evening Falls
04. In The Realm Of...
05. Changing(Live)
06. Don't Want To Understand
07. You Are Siam
08. Choices
09. Private Jokes
10. B.R.O. Theme
11. When Love Gets Out Of Hand
12. The Outsider
13. Hard Time
14. I Believe
15. Siam(Instrumental 2)
16. In The Realm(7even Remix)


  1. Great! I remember listening to these guys a couple years ago. I have a question about the track listing. You posted 16, but the archived folder has 21 songs. Which ones are from the EP and their LP? Thanks!

  2. Hey, not a problem. Looking over my zip file and my post I crossed wired somewhere ;)This is a rip taken from a comp CD that was released in 1996.
    The collection of recordings were between 1984-1989
    tracks 2-4 taken from the live album "Saiam"
    recorded in 1986
    .Tracks 5-10 taken from the album "love and peace and inbetween" from 1989
    tracks 11-14 taken from a deleted / hidden album never released
    track 16 is a 1996 remix made for the compilation. The additional tracks are. taken from 2 seperate albums. These Tracks were taken from their live album 'Saiam'
    -Evening Falls
    -Mahmud of Venice
    This tracks were taken from an Israeli Newwave comp:
    -Down Town TEl-Aviv

    Hope that info helps out :)
    Thanks for checking out our blog
    -Slow Pulse Girl

  3. hey, i just found this! do you mind reuploading it? the track above sounds soooo great. would also know more about the other bands from israel you got introduced to! xo

    1. Hi Maren, thanks for letting me know..link is now restored..enjoy !