24 September 2009

Nichts 81-83 Germany (Reunited 2009)


Nichts was one of this German Bands that came up just when this awful NDW (Neue deutsche Welle) was picking up momentum. Thanks to the fact that it was created by two Members of the legendary Punk Band KFC it was far from this Euro-Trash that floated around the Record-Stores around this time. Nichts may have borrowed a few things from what was going on in the music scene in Germany back then, but kept it’s Punk flavor.

Their first Demo Tape “Made in Eile” was picked up by the local Record-label “Schallmauer-Records”. It became a surprise success. After some ridicules controversy about releasing a single over CBS Records, they released their second album “Tango 2000” in 1982. The song “Tango 2000” became a huge hit, and is what the Band is most remembered for. This second album is still fun, but at least feels a lot closer to the dreaded NDW then their first one. After the release the base and the guitar player decided to leave the Band. In 1983 the Album “Aus dem Jenseits” was released, played by a new lineup.

In my opinion the very first Album/Demo Tape is still the best, it carries the strong punk vibe that seemed like a leftover from the KFC days.

If you are interested in German music that was sold under the Flag of NDW but in reality was a beast of it’s own, you should really give it at least a try.

01 Radio
02 Eingeschlossen
03 Hallo Kartoffelsalat
04 10 Bier zuviel
05 Allein zuhaus
06 Scheisse
07 Wer du bist
08 Made in Eile
09 Nichts


In 2009 they reunited with a new lineup (yet again) and are playing gigs again. Hopefully with the same rough chaotic force they were famous for when they started in 1981.

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    I can't wait until December..
    I still can't believe they are playing around the corner from our flat :D
    Looks like you will have to write a NICHTS reunion follow up blog...that is if you can remember most of this night ..! hahaha :P
    But on a less sarcastic note.. Great post sweetie <3