15 May 2010

Droserae (France)

This interesting young Band from France was recommended to me by a friend, while my partners and me were looking for Bands to book for ‘Schaedelweiss‘. Back then Zorch Factory Records had the first EP up, and I already was highly impressed by their sound. A couple of weeks ago my wife told me that Droserae finally released a second EP, again a free release on ZFR. This EP carries on the well defined Sound that was present on the first, but is also showing an evolution in their style.
Describing their style comes pretty easy, since it straight forward Post Punk at it’s best. (Of course with the twist of having the classic ‘French attitude’)
Droserae was formed in 2007 in Paris, their first EP was released in 2009 and the second in 2010. Of course they also got the (by now to be expected) playtime on some samplers. (Zoundbies, Smoke and Spotlight 5, etc)
My advice is to give this Band a try, after all it’s for free…. ;-)

+favorite track 'Metropolis'

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    You also MUST go and download
    the Ep from 13 Bats


    Simply Class!!!