11 May 2010

The Visitor (Netherlands)

The Visitor were from the Frisian region of the Netherlands and existed from 1980-1988. They were apart of the Die Friese Bries scene (avantgarde wave bands) that was happening in that Region in the mid 80's as well as the emergence of Top Hole Records. Here are their first 2 releases which are a nice helping of dark, moody wave.

The Eye of Madness 7" (1981)
+Top Hole Records+

The Eye of Madness

Point Zero Nagasaki

Liquid and Crystalline EP (1983)
+Top Hole Records+

Liquid and Crystalline
The Happy Few
Spiral of Spiderlimbs
Tourist In the Third World
Silence is Soothing


  1. A very good team, never about her not heard before. Thanks,I was very lucky that I got on your wonderful blog.

  2. Hello Philip,
    thank you :)
    Their later stuff is a good listen as well..let me know if you have an interest in hearing some of it....

  3. Don't found TheVisitors "TheEyeofMadness" 7'' in the link.....
    Doing something? Resolve this problem/obstacle?
    From "A Visitors"...

  4. Sorry, it's TheVisitor, but not TheVisitorS
    Sorry 4 my mistake!

  5. not a problem..it's actually quite common for people to get The Visitor and The Visitors confused, it's happened more then once in conversations ;)
    Thanks for letting me know the links down, I'll fix that as soon as possible

  6. Dead link :-( can you re post it please ?