19 May 2010

The Waterboys - December 12 " (1983)

Okay let me first start off by saying that The Waterboys really are a required taste and might not appeal to some of our readers, but for one thing I do know they were an amazing band and worth discovering. In only 5 years in the 80's they released four albums back-to-back that would put most mainstream bands to shame. The Waterboy's had this signature sound, a kind of 'New Wave wall of sound, where they believed MORE is definitely better` this style stretches the band's songs to great lengths with perfectly matched impassionate vocals and earnest lyrics, you can really see why they were Adrian Borlands favorite band.

The Waterboys - December 12"

+Ensign Records+

B1 The Three Day Man
B2 Red Army Blues

Will appeal to those who enjoy Felt and Into Paradise


  1. The Waterboys were really Adrian's favorite band? I would have never guessed, though his solo stuff does have the same feel as this song.

  2. Chris...

    Yes I agree with you about Borland's solo stuff, I think that is why I was drawn to the Waterboys at first without even knowing his influence,and I know why Its because it had that same mood and feeling.
    I remember reading in an interview where Adrian Borland praised this band to high heaven and said that 'Whole of the Moon' was his favorite song of all time, with more research it was actually quite interesting to find out how many musicians and bands were influenced by The Waterboys. At times..yes I will admit The Waterboys are not my cup of tea, A bit folkie and pop-ie and 'Christian' at times.. BUT when you listen to them as a whole,They definitely had talent and passion!

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  4. Thank you sooo much Sagan, your comment really made my day :D Don't worry, we will be putting up some goodies on here very shortly, keep checking back :)

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