06 April 2010

Brotherhood Of Pagans- Tales Of Vampires FRANCE (1995)

Remember This One ?

If you do.. give it another listen, if not..... Du musst !
Brotherhood of Pagans were a gothrock act from France who rose out of the then fading Coldwave scene. Some catchy tracks on this lovely little album, and still enjoying them after these 13 years.

+ I'm still searching for their 2 demo tapes Flower of Oblivion and
Inquisition Day..if anyone has these I'd love a copy

**you can get the demos over at Fritz die Spinne blog ..Thanks for posting those Fritz

+favorite track'WARSHOW' full album link below+

Brotherhood of Pagans- Tales of Vampires (1995)

The Gathering
Don't Fall
Black Art
Sinner comes to Bits
God Damn My Soul


  1. Brotherhood of Pagans is one of those 90s bands I missed or didn't pursue. The recent publication of the song Resurrection on a certain Compilation doing the rounds in Germany, got me all curious...

    It's quality!
    My curiosity at the moment is definetly for Aemotii Crii, Anno Lucis and Finish the Story... Though the former demotape appears to be rarety indeed!

    If theree is still demand out ther for the Look Back In Anger "Caprice" Ep I may just sign up with mega uploads etc to get it out there. That'll happen on my "Original Sins" blog here: http://ghost-of-goth.blogspot.com/

  2. Pantherin,
    Thanks as always for your comments..it makes all this effort worth something...As for LOOK BACK IN ANGER material a handful of blogs have posted 'Caprice' and a few other things. Check out if you haven't yet a fellow respected music blogger, Phoenix Hairpins I know he posted something awhile back.
    Just as You... my curiosity to hear Aemotti Crii is becoming a bit overwhelming ;)
    let me know if you can track anything down..and as always along those lines if there are any recommendations...send them my way...I never turn down the chance to listen to new music ! :)

  3. I left a present for you on my blog....

  4. Thank you very much! I'm always on the lookout for "Halloween" songs and this one kicks ass!!
    Stevo In Yr Stereo of Nightmare City Halloween

  5. Thank you so much for this album.
    One more 90's band I have mised cause I was too young...
    Verry nice music even for the rock parts and the melodical parts.
    I am searching for originals stuffs to purchasse them and help the band.

    Thank you again it's wonderfull!

  6. I remember this in the 90's. Do I ever.

  7. Hi! If it's possible, would you re-upload this? Thanks. Very nice material you have here.

  8. https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/tales-of-vampires/id351793181

    Thanks ;o)