02 April 2010

Invincible - Venus (1999) UK

So YES the Chameleons are over and done..even though one doesn't want to except it. Bringing forth to life three of the most life changing albums to grace ones ears, thus something very hard to live up to. But talent always transends time and that is apparent with Mark Burgess' work with Invincible. Along with Yves Altana a strong partnership is built and is clearly reflected in the work that went into this lushly arranged album. Venus is an album that really grows on you with each listen, especially such tracks as ' Only You Could Save Me', 'Venus on the Rise' and 'Verboten'

Asides Burgess' other collaborations with The Sons Of God and Bird, Invincible is one of my favorite projects since The Sun and The Moon. Maybe because its the direction I really wanted the Chameleon's to go with their reunion album Why Call It Anything, which was released the following year. What really is the difference between Burgess' work with the Chameleons and Invincible ? The anwser.....Yves Altana, with his stellar skills on guitar and production. The work Burgess did with him on Venus is FAR more impressive.

+Favorite track'Only You could save me' full album link below+

Invincible -Venus (1999)
1. Venus On The Rise
2. Spooks
3. Think (It's Going To Happen)
4. Do It Tomorrow
5. Dangerous
6. Shiver
7. Burning Bibles
8. Verboten
9. Gethsemene
10. Seventeen
11. Only You Could Save Me
12. Kinks
13. Think (Again)


  1. Wow - I thought I might be the only person in the world to own this but I'm glad to be wrong!
    I saw Mark and Yves play basically most of this album live here in Manchester when it first came out. It was in the period before the Chameleons briefly reformed (around 2000-2001, I think) and we were all desperate for them to do something new.
    I have to be honest and say that it does sound quite like the Chameleons, although Yves Altana's guitar work is very different from theirs.

  2. Yves Altana is trully underated..I saw him play with mark when they were together in Bird in San Francisco and I was blown away..
    I was sad that Invincible didn't go anywhere..I think their music was in this embryonic stage and their second album would be explosive....
    But I really love the work they are both doing with Black Swan Lane..have you had a chance to hear them yet ?

  3. great post!!!_--

  4. My big brother is a huge 70's-80's rocker, but he laughs at my obsession for anything out of camp Chameleons. Only You Could Save Me has been a crucial life track for many years, just like Money Won't Save Your Soul. Dangerous was the free online sample from Venus, but Spooks is the real title track for me.

  5. Hello Anonymous,
    great to see others appreciate this project as much as I do.This is one of my favorite Burgess projects since The Sun and the Moon.Another amazing Burgess project that is worth checking out if you haven't yet is Black Swan Lane, it's Brilliant!


    ... and rememeber people laugh at what they cannot understand ;)

  6. Love Mark Burgess. What a treasure; he's been putting out great music for 30 years and isn't the "rock star", just a compelling vocalist, superb songwriter and terrific bass player and now, guitar player. He does it all.

  7. I was always curious as to what would have happened with this band had The Chameleons reunion not happened - though I was happy to see them in Seattle in 2002. In my opinion this album is one of the greats records Mark has ever been involved with - Script of the Bridge worthy. If you haven't hunted down The Bird and the Invincible Black & Blue rehearsal albums you need to that as well. I have to say - Why Call It Anything is very undervalued, that was another gem released just a short time after this record.

  8. Hi Anon..I'm really interested in hearing both of these rehearsal tapes you mentioned if your in possession of them and don't mind sharing I'd love if you could send me a copy to my email address that's up at the top of the page.
    cheers and thanks for reading my blog

    1. Hi, the Invincible "Black and Blue" live CD is still available here:

  9. Hello ! Can you re-uploaded it please ? I Love this album !