18 April 2010

Darkroom (Canada)

For this one we have to delve back, deep into my childhood and with that back to one of my big Idols and Heroes… Lumpi von Schlotterstein. Lumpi was one of the Characters in the TV show ‘The little Vampire’ (Or ‘Der kleine Vampier’ as we knew it in Germany). Lumpi was played by the Canadian Actor/Musician Jim Gray, who probably single handedly influenced more children then any other tv personality in Germany… every boy wanted to be like him, and every girl had a crush on him… well, at least that’s how I remember it. ;-)
But to get back to the subject, besides singing the title-song (Which you will find a bit further down) for the series, Jim Gray already was an established musician in Canada. He released two Albums with his Band ‘Darkroom’, ‘San Paku’ in 1983 and ‘A test of time’ in 1985. Both Albums are a bitch to find in Germany, and I only got my Hands on the first one because my wife found it and recognized Jim on the cover. (That’s what you get for marrying a german guy, you will have to watch strange but really cool TV for children. )
When you are listening to ‘San Paku’ you can clearly hear that this is an '80s band, not that there is anything wrong with it. There are a lot of comparable bands out there, so I will not even try to drop a name here, I highly suggest everybody listens to it and picks one for them self. But all in all it’s a decent Album and fun to listen to. Having this strong childhood connection to this man may influence my point of view here, but there is nothing wrong with a little bit of Hero Worship.
Jim Gray - They can See in the Dark

As a conclusion I can only say that it is a relief to have an alternative to ‘They can see in the dark’ to spin at parties… ;-)

In Dim Light 3:35
Leave It To Heaven 3:45
Tears Hold No Cure 3:45
Proven Guilty 3:32
It's Cold Out Here 3:44
San Paku 5:06
Don't Talk 3:30
Some Stories Never Change 5:23
Pressure 4:06
Bonus from EP:
Detective Man 3:22

And if you have never seen ‘The little Vampire’ you should really search for it, it’s an amazing show.
But be careful, it needs to be the Original German/Canadian co-production from 1985, there was another series and a movie later, and both are really bad… most likely because they don’t have Jim Gray playing Lumpi. ;-)


  1. Hello, Thanks for all the great music you're sharing with us. I'm from Belgium and what i'm looking for since several months is : De Brassers 'Levend vol.2'. It's a belgium postpunk group (still alive and very kicking) from the beginning of the 80's. I can't find this cd, not even in Belgium. Anyone who can help me???
    Keep on the good work...

  2. hello there..
    The only thing I own of De Brassers is their 'En Toen Was er Neits Meer 7" and a ripp of the Levend tape,I really WISH we could help you with obtaining Levend VOL. 2.
    Go ask Curious Guy over at the Phoenix Hairpins blog, if you haven't been their all ready, he posted the s/t 12".....maybe a possibility ? If you do happen to find it let me know I'd like a copy of it to.

  3. Thanks for the tip.
    If I (ever) find it, I will let you know.
    Is the 7" really the only thing you've got from them?
    There is a lot to find about them on the internet, you know.
    If you want something, maybe I can help.

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  5. Thanks a lot for this blog. Been trying to get hold of Jim's music and you've given me some leads. Sadly I was too young when Jim was at his peak, I was born 80, but I found him through my love of The little Vampire books, to the TV show (That was shown when I was about 6, and has taken me a good 10 years to find) I think Jim's an amazing singer, a little David Bowieish I think, but with a more 80's edge. I found him on myspace if anyone is interested in communicating with him.
    Bright Blessings,
    Sam. :)

    1. THANK you for your respect,,,This "IS" Jim Gray" And that Guy on 'MY SPACE' . . " IS 'NOT' ME ! ! ! "
      I have No Idea who he IS ... THIS ! is the REAL Jim Gray . . .Alive and well . . . and again Thank you for your respect . XjG Oct.2012

    2. P.S. I am NOT, on MY SPACE ! I do Not Know this Person ! . . . XjG

  6. Hi there,
    thanks for this blog.
    I've found "A Test Of Time" here:


    Greetings by Green12