05 April 2010

Crimson Muddle (France)

Again I have to start a blog with stating the fact that it is pretty hard to describe the Music from a band I’m writing about. (Looks like this will become a habbit) But in this case it’s actually hard to pinpoint anything to compare Crimson Muddle with. Of course there are rather obvious inspirations from the whole of the French Cold-Wave, I especially can understand a comparison to Martin Dupont. Beside that their influences seem to be all over the place (and I mean that in the most positive way possible), all in all they just put together their own very unique Sound. They are one of this Bands were every song can sound completely different then the next, but still uniquely Crimson Muddle.

Crimson Muddle was long in the making, Hellebore first started to work on the Idea of this Band back in 2003, after a little detour with Deadchovsky she gave Crimson Muddle more of a shape in 2008. It took a bit longer and playing around with the Band Members till the Band settled and then consisted of Hellebore, Annie Dog and Abesada. These three Girls and their various instruments (keyboard, violin, xylophone and bass, to just mention a few) soon got a cult following in and outside of Paris and all over Europe soon after. Some of their early tracks were released on samplers and they put out one EP on Zorch Factory Records. And with this we finally come to the point of this post…

I highly recommend everybody to give this EP a listen, even if it’s only for their amazing cover of Joy Division’s Closer. This EP gives a general overview about the Band and how they worked many different styles into their Music. But you will not be able to fully experience Crimson Muddle as long as you haven’t seen them live. This is where their Music really goes to another level.
Their first Album is due to come out this Month (Manic Depression Records), so if you like the EP go and get the Album as soon as it is out.

+Favorite track'A MEANS TO AN END'+

Get the EP here!


  1. I still wish they would of been picked for the 2010 Drop Dead line up


    STILL.....better things can happen... Woooot Wooot ;) I'm still bummed I didn't get to see them at the Schadelweiss 1 year anniversary party !

  2. Wow, thanks for such a sweet chronicle! =) We've linked your blog on our facebook ;)


  3. Well, you deserve it... and I still expect a visit from you guys (and Bettina and the rest of the bunch)... ok, lets say, as soon as we move and have some room for you to stay. (Wich hopefully is soon).
    take care

  4. We wait for your visit too in Paris! And to be able to invit you as DJ! We're seriously thinking about it... try to book a german band too, you as DJ, and we could do a show too with Elvira and the Bats... we'll talk about it!! ;)

  5. That would be awsome! A Schadelweiss night in Paris!!