25 April 2010

The Climb (Uk)

Before their were the Trashing Doves, there was The Climb.

Below are the two singles and demos that were recorded before their transitioning, and what a crazy transition that was(if you listen to TD you'll see what I mean). 'I Can't Forget' is a sentimentally sweet wave song,that really calls to mind New Order. The 12" and 7" versions of this song are different, the 12 " is an extended version and sightly better. What really stands out the most is the B-sides 'Only a Human', 'Your Hell' and 'Lower Class Of Heaven' are in a completely different style, lyrically and musically much more profound. They claimed they were listening to a hell of alot of Echo and The Bunnymen at the time and you definitely can tell.

They have one more 7" 'Poacher is as Poacher Does', which no one can find, but their is a demo version of it along with the other demos, which a few of them turned into Thrashing Dove songs. Regardless... still worth a listen.

The Climb

I Can't Forget 7" version (1981)
+Pinnacle Records +

A I Can't Forget
B Only A Human

I Can't Forget 12 " version (1981)
+Pinnacle Records +

A I Can't Forget (A Mother's Crime)
B Your Hell

Touch Me (Heaven) 7" (1982)
+Pinnacle Records +

A Touch Me (Heaven)
B Lower Class of Heaven


Away With Words
Moses Beat
Poacher is as Poacher Does
The Final Bath
The Hobbledehoy


  1. "Only A Human" is a nice track although, as you say, quite Bunnymen influenced. Also reminds me a little of the Comsat Angels and (dare I say it) The Sound.

    In the same vein, you might like a (current) band from Leeds called I Like Trains. I saw them about three years ago at a small festival here in Manchester. Badly Drawn Boy was playing on the main stage and they were on the other stage, a quarter of a mile away. I dragged my friend across to see them but they were already halfway through their set.
    They're good live though their songs tend to be quite down-tempo. They're currently supporting Editors on tour in Europe, so it seems they're doing alright for themselves.

  2. I heard The Sound right away and the Bunnys and that is really one of the reasons what turned me onto The Climb besides the Trashing Dove's stuff is complete urghhh I hate to say it...Crap!
    Have you heard 'Your Hell' yet ? hahahha..I'm not even going to mention who they remind me of in this track ;)
    But nonetheless, Be it a tiny offering The Climb put out some good songs.
    .....and yes I will look into I Like Trains..I'm quite curious.

  3. Christ, that's one of those rare moments where I can honestly say I never heard of 'em... Great stuff as ever and had me thinking of the sound aswell...

    Off topic from that, Iv'e just posted a translation into german of the old NME Richard North article about Posi Punk from '83. translating into german is hell for me and took bloody ages. But in order to not get too grumpy about peoples misconceptions...

    cheers as ever


  4. First comment is great blog and nice choice of tunes. Second comment is I found The Doves on my own from vinyl shopping and never on US radio. I think I like Doves for the same reason I like Figures on a Beach, not every song a keeper but they still nail it IMO on many tracks. But I too am 'Only a Human' experiment.

  5. Hey!!! could you reupload this? the link is broken :(

  6. Was just about to upload this, but i see you've had it online for quite a bit.
    Keep spreading the good music :]

  7. Could you possibly re-upload this / these yet again?

    no worries. if you can- awesome.

    cheers from Brooklyn.

  8. Please if someone could re-upload this it would be great!

    :) !!!