06 April 2010

Ministry - Same Old Madness (198?)

... Al Jourgensen you sexy beast ! What the hell happened ? You use to be so cool ! Okay here's a little gem from back when Ministry was actually ..ummm interesting!? Nevertheless I enjoy the heck out of this track.

Here's the download for 'Same Old Madness' +unreleased track+


  1. Yeah me too ! ;) It is a bitch to find..luckily found it on some industrial compilation..but for some reason it was never put out on any of their official releases..But to me this period of Ministry was the BEST...

  2. oooh can you re-up at CD quality?

  3. Hello Anonymous,
    Cd Quality..this is actually ripped from a CD compilation, the quality of this track I unfortunately cannot change, it was low quality to begin with.. sorry :/

  4. Link is dead! Please upload if possible! Thanks!