14 April 2010

Clan of Xymox Peel Sessions

Having mixed feelings as I do about this band and only being a fan of the earlier Clan stuff, I rarely revisit their material. But I will have to say these peel sessions have to be the best thing they ever recorded.

+Favorite track'STRANGER' full album link below+

Peel sessions CD (aired on) June 04 & November 3 1985
+ released on Strange Fruits (2003) + *OOP*

Muscoviet Mosquito
Seventh Time
After The Call
Agonised By Love


  1. i never likes this band... UNTIL NOW! thanks!

  2. John Peel and Tony Wilson on some of these early peel sessions just had a way to bring out this unbridled energy out of these bands, thus creating some incredible sessions...one that comes to mind that all their other recordings are a bit disappointing aside from the peel sessions is BRIGANDAGE..
    their peel sessions are BADASS !!
    Let me know if you want to hear them Mrcool ??

  3. Thank you so much for this - I see the cd is now out of print, wont be back in print anytime soon - and is now being sold for upwards of $100.00 on ePay and the like!