16 April 2010

Kitchens Of Distinction - Strange Free World (uk)

BRILLIANT album from a brilliant Band.
Strange Free World is filled with impassioned vocals and lushy effects laden guitar that seems to sound like a mass of swirling guitars that reach for the heavens and crash like waves. Kitchens of Distinction always leaves me entranced, from the amazing opener 'Railwayed' to 'Quick as Rainbows, the bittersweet 'He Holds Her He Needs Her' and 'Drive that Fast' which I posted a video. Will appeal to those of you who enjoy The Cocteau Twins, Johnny Marr and The Chameleons more or less for the lushy guitar and wall of sound.
Kitchens Of Distinctions never got picked up by any major labels due to the fact of their openly gay lyrics and attacks on the then prime minister Thatcher. Really...stupid reasons if you ask me !

+Favorite track'he holds her he needs her' full album link below+

Strange Free World LP
+One Little Indian Records+

A1 Railwayed
A2 Quick as Rainbows
A3 Hypnogogie
A4 He Holds Her He Needs Her
A5 Polaroids

B2 Gorgeous Love
B2 Aspray
B3 Drive That Fast
B4Within The Daze Of Passion
B5 Under The Sky, Inside The Sea

*produced by Hugh Jones (Echo and The Bunnymen,Simple Minds, REM ) *

UPDATE : unfortunately this link has been requested to be deleted..sorry folks


  1. Any paragraph containing the words "The Cocteau Twins, Johnny Marr and The Chameleons" is guaranteed to get my attention!
    I agree with you about the guitar sounds but what strikes me most is that Patrick Fitzgerald's voice sounds really like Michael Stipe!

  2. Wow... Hey good ear Jeremy !
    you know your really right about that, incrediable similarity.I had to dig up some REM (Its been ages since I've listened to them)to really compare the two. Its amazing how two vocalist from different countries could have similar vocals..but then again maybe the fact they had the same producer is a factor ???