17 April 2010

Voluptas Dolendi (Italy)

Here's another Italian obscurity for you all

Voluptas Dolendi were from Ancona, Italy and existed for a short 2 year run between '86-'88 and managed to release 2 demo tapes.
These guys are really all over the place... neo psychedelic deathrock with synths thrown in and almost teetering on the edge of experimental, nevertheless really interesting stuff.

Favorite Track'Inferno della Carne' full demo link below+

Voluptas Dolendi/Il Gioco Degli Dei demos (1986-87)
+self released+

Ecco Perche
Voluptas Dolendi
In Isolamento
Inferno Della Carne
Innocente (acustica)
Il Gioco Degli Dei


  1. Hey, this is pretty good! The guy in the middle looks like me in the late 80's...

    Any chance there are bigger scans of the cassette covers?

    And hey--keep your eyes peeled for the first LP of Marilyn's Army. Golden Paradise is promising Deathrock/Gothic fare.

  2. Haha..I have to see this photo.
    Actually when I first saw it I thought it was Jim and William Reid from Jesus and Mary Chain, well... viewing it with one eye closed ;)
    As for the cassette cover scans, I'm in the process of trying to get better copies. We got a rip of these demos from one of our friends here who is in contact with the band. Next time I run into him I'll ask him if he can get better ones. loool but knowing him (by the way we love you if your reading this) It could take AWHILE.

  3. ohhhhh Fritz almost forgot..
    yes...I do have a ripped version of the Marilyn's Army 1988 7" great stuff, love the violin. Haven't heard Golden Paradise yet..but would very much like to

  4. In the middle of 80's were in Italy many
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  5. http://www.myspace.com/voluptasdolendi