09 August 2009

Violet Indiana - Roulette 2001

Debut full length Album from 2 gem's of the DreamPop world Featuring Cocteau Twin's Robin Guthrie and Mono's singer Siobhan De Marie. This album is filled with dreamy, sultry, and hypnotic tracks like 'Sundance', 'Air Kissing' and 'Poison Gorgeous' that seems to echo around in your head long after you have heard them. Definitely worth a listen!

+our favorite track'Sundance'full album link below+

Roulette (2001)

  1. Air Kissing
  2. Busted
  3. Sundance
  4. Powder River
  5. Little Echo
  6. Angel
  7. Poison Gorgeous
  8. Hiding
  9. Rage Days
  10. Liar
  11. Feline Or Famine
  12. Killer Eyes
*Update 12-3-2011 * New download link added