06 December 2011

Happy Birthday Adrian Borland

In honor of Adrian's Birthday today I offer you all one of my favorites out of his solo releases, 5:00AM. You can also grab some of his other work that has been posted on the blog here in the past just click on the 'Adrian Borland' or 'The Sound' Tags to bring you to the posts. So start listening and make this day a remembrance of one of the most underated musicians of our time.

Adrian Borland - 5:00 AM (1997) Earth Records

Stray Bullets
Dangerous Stars
Baby Moon
City Speed
Kissing In The Dark
I'm Your Freedom
The Spinning Room
Redemption's Knees
Between Buildings
Over The Under
Before The Day Begins

02 December 2011

Shiva Burlesque (1987-1990) USA

Before there was Grant Lee Buffalo, there was Shiva Burlesque... the post-punk counterparts to the LA paisley underground. From the mastermind of Grant Lee Phillips, Shiva Burlesque is 'a psychedelically tinged, folky, punky, lyrical, spooky, melancholic musical brew' that managed to put out two of the most exquisite albums to come out of the late 80's Los Angeles indie music scene and have managed to be in my top 100 favorite albums of all time.

Shiva Burlesque were :

Grant Lee Phillips - electric acoustic guitars and vocals
Joey Peters - Drums Percussion
Dick Smack - Bass
Jeffrey Clark - Vocals
Greg Adamson - Cello

Shiva Burlesque (1987) Nate Starkman & Son

Indian Summer
Two Suns
The Lonesome Death Of Shadow MortonThe Black ShipMorning Work The Rat
Water Lilies Train Mystery Marysupermarket

Mercury Blues (1990) Fundamatal

Who Is The Mona Lisa? Nez Perzé Sick Friend Cherry Orchard Chester The Chimp
Mercury Blues
Do The Pony
Sparrow's Song
At Last Our Flag Has Fallen

VA -Viva Los Angeles II

Shiva burlesque - Arabesque

you can grab it here over at the wonderful Phoenix hairpins blog