06 December 2011

Happy Birthday Adrian Borland

In honor of Adrian's Birthday today I offer you all one of my favorites out of his solo releases, 5:00AM. You can also grab some of his other work that has been posted on the blog here in the past just click on the 'Adrian Borland' or 'The Sound' Tags to bring you to the posts. So start listening and make this day a remembrance of one of the most underated musicians of our time.

Adrian Borland - 5:00 AM (1997) Earth Records

Stray Bullets
Dangerous Stars
Baby Moon
City Speed
Kissing In The Dark
I'm Your Freedom
The Spinning Room
Redemption's Knees
Between Buildings
Over The Under
Before The Day Begins

02 December 2011

Shiva Burlesque (1987-1990) USA

Before there was Grant Lee Buffalo, there was Shiva Burlesque... the post-punk counterparts to the LA paisley underground. From the mastermind of Grant Lee Phillips, Shiva Burlesque is 'a psychedelically tinged, folky, punky, lyrical, spooky, melancholic musical brew' that managed to put out two of the most exquisite albums to come out of the late 80's Los Angeles indie music scene and have managed to be in my top 100 favorite albums of all time.

Shiva Burlesque were :

Grant Lee Phillips - electric acoustic guitars and vocals
Joey Peters - Drums Percussion
Dick Smack - Bass
Jeffrey Clark - Vocals
Greg Adamson - Cello

Shiva Burlesque (1987) Nate Starkman & Son

Indian Summer
Two Suns
The Lonesome Death Of Shadow MortonThe Black ShipMorning Work The Rat
Water Lilies Train Mystery Marysupermarket

Mercury Blues (1990) Fundamatal

Who Is The Mona Lisa? Nez Perzé Sick Friend Cherry Orchard Chester The Chimp
Mercury Blues
Do The Pony
Sparrow's Song
At Last Our Flag Has Fallen

VA -Viva Los Angeles II

Shiva burlesque - Arabesque

you can grab it here over at the wonderful Phoenix hairpins blog

10 August 2011

Fuck Your Dreams, This Is Heaven soundtrack featuring: Niki Mono plus members of Minimal Compact & Tuxedomoon

This is the original soundtrack from a video-film by Wonder Product, and a film which I have yet to see but was a must when I saw the contents. The soundtrack is filled with covers of Syd Barrett, The Yardbirds, Velvet Underground, Jefferson Airplane and Patti Smith, all done by members of Minimal Compact, Tuxedomoon and the very underrated Niki Mono. They manage to dissect these classics, drain them and turned these songs into strange and beautiful corpses. It may not be the best material from Tuxedomoon or Minimal Compact, but it's certainly quite fascinating just the same and possibly one of the best soundtracks I have heard in years. It's a must for fans of Minimal Compact and Tuxedomoon.

Fuck Your Dreams This Is Heaven original Soundtrack (1986)
Minimal Compact - Still I'm Sad
Niki Mono & Nikolas Klau - Flaming
Peter Principle - No Man's Land
Niki Mono & Minimal Compact - Marathon
Minimal Compact - Late Night
Nikolas Klau, Steven Brown, Peter Principle - Venus in Furs
Niki Mono & Berry Sakharof - Dancing Barefoot
Steven Brown - Coming Back To Me
Bruce Geduldig & Peter Principle - Ocean

23 July 2011

Navastrau - Vergess Mir Nit 7" (1980) US

Navastrau were a duo from Chicago consisting of Rick Gallo(former member of The Cunts) and vocalist Gretchen Witte; who were also part of the Disturbing Records crew, one of the first punk labels in Chicago. The band was known for their post punk minimal sound and their reluctance to perform live. On August 4th, 1981 they finally decided to do a show at Exit, they billed it as "their first and only" before playing New York, the gig at the Exit sold out.
J. von Damen, one of the writers for The Coolest Retard liked their debut single so much he sent a copy of it to Ralf Hutter of Kraftwerk. Who was impressed by the single, but when seeing them was 'underwhelmed' by their live performance. Navastrau also came out with 1 more single in 1981 where a relatively unknown at the time Al Jourgensen would play bass for a few of the tracks.
The thing I really like about this single is that each song slightly differs in style, varying from minimal synth wave to NDW to erratic post punk funk with a blaring sax. While all accompanied by male and female vocals both in German and in English, but what stood out the most was the track 'Looking from an Airplane'. Thanks again to Jason Hall for providing the rip and the artwork.

Navastrau - Vergess Mir Nit 7" (1980)

A1. Vergess Mir Nit
A2. Navastrau Theme
B1. Looking From An Airplane
B2. Continental Welcome

13 July 2011

The Justice League of America - Cupid In Reverse (1990) UK

Their 2nd release off Plastic Head Records (same label as Every New Dead Ghost ) this album is loaded with heavy guitar riffs thunderous bass, tribal drumming and less annoying samples then their 1st release Blackout. over all pretty kickass. Will appeal to those who like Killing Joke, Uk Decay and Theatre of Hate

JLA were:

Bass - James Connor
Guitar - David Bessel
Programmed By - David Bessel
Vocals - Phillip Yeadon

Does Anybody Know Any Jokes?


Learn The Rules

Too Many Movies

Unleash The Censor

Cut It Off


Change Your Mind


Don't Bother Me Now
**apologies the bit rate isn't the best*

06 June 2011

Marilyn's Army - Golden Paradise (1990 ) Germany

This is the first full length from German band Marilyn's Army. I posted a few months back their first single ' Puppet's of a Broken Dream ', which had a bit more of a darker sound then this debut album. Some tracks on Golden Paradise tend to lean more on the indie pop side, which might turn a few people off but it is no reason to dismiss given it a listen, the self titled track alone is worth it ! Included in with the rip is scans of band info, history, and lyrics.

28 May 2011

Mettle - Mettle (1982) Canada

Not to much info could really be found, but Mettle was considered by some to be one of the first bands in Ontario to front the electro/minimal scene in the city and also were a support act for OMD. I really wouldn't go as far as labeling Mettle as minimal wave to me their sound is much more in the new wave/post punk vein. Many thanks to Jason Hall for sharing this 12"

ticket from the gig @ Centennial Hall, London, Ontario,
Tuesday March 9, 1982

(scan courtesy My life in Concert Blog )

24 March 2011

James - One Man Clapping (1989) UK

One Man Clapping was the third album from UK band James, a live album released in 1989. The album was recorded at the Moles Club, Bath, UK on the 14 and 15 November 1988. The album was issued on their own One Man imprint of Rough Trade Records, after parting company with Blanco y Negro/Sire. To fund the album, the band had to borrow 12,000 from the Royal Bank of Scotland. Initially, the bank manager was not willing to lend the band the money, but after seeing them live in Manchester he agreed.

Because the album was self-funded, only 10,000 CD copies were produced

17 March 2011

VA - Woke Up Smiling (1995) A Bedazzled Label Sampler

Started by the members of the band Strange Boutique, Bedazzled Records was a Washington D.C Based record label that lasted 11 years between 1989 - 1999. They were primarily known for showcasing Dreampop, Shoegaze, Darkwave and Gothrock bands such as: Switchblade Symphony, Strange Boutique, The Curtain Society, Siddal and This Ascension(which ended up moving to Tess records )

VA - Woke Up Smiling (1995)
*Bedazzled Records*

Mistle Thrush - She is a Flower
The Curtain Society - Cradle
Strange Boutique - In the Lonely trees
Where I Wake Warm - Sense Of Skin
Viola Peacock - An Angel A Week
Feast of Saints - In Galleons Lap
Johanna's House Of Glamour - As Far As Forever
Chainsuck - Shindo
Ultracherry Violet - Wayve
Blueshift Signal - Halo *amazing track ! *
Siddal - A Glendale Melody
An April March - Delirium
Underflowers - Psalms to the Sun
Lanterna - Falling

02 February 2011

The Sun and the Moon - The Great Escape 1999

The almost complete anthology of The Sun and The Moon minus one track 'Elected'. The reason why this track was omitted from this compilation was explained by Mark Burgess:

"Due to complications arising around the Alice Cooper Track 'Elected' dispatch of the Sun And The Moon CD 'The Great Escape' will be delayed by around three weeks. This is the situation. When the ep 'alive; not dead' was issued the licensing of this track was in the name of Midnight Music, not Glass Pyramid, as we had always believed. Midnight Music no longer exist and therefore the license is void. We have been trying to sort out the paper work that would allow us to continue with the inclusion of this track but changes in copyright law along with lack of efficient responses on the part of the copyright owners and controllers have hindered these attempts. The pressing was halted at the 11th hour, artwork readjusted and re-filmed and the track 'Elected' has been pulled from the release. This is sad but frankly we were just not prepared to faff around any longer."

The Sun and the Moon was a post Chameleons project that spanned over two years from 1987 - 1989 releasing 1 full length and 3 singles.

The Sun and The Moon were:

Mark Burgess
John Lever
Andy Whit
Andy Clegg


Peace In Our Time 1988 Geffen

The Sun and The Moon 1988 Geffen

Alive; Not Dead 1988 Glass Pyramid

The Speed Of Life 1988 Geffen

The Sun and The Moon - The Great Escape
CD 1999 Glass Pyramid
* accompanying the Mp3's is full album art and scans of all the Lyrics*

The Speed of Life
The Death Of Imagination
A Matter of Conscience
Peace In our Time
House On Fire
The Price OF Grain
Limbo Land
A Picture of England
This Passionate Breed
The Boy Who Sees everything
I Love you, You Bastard
C'est La Vie
Arabs and Americans

23 January 2011

Short Romans - Short Romans 1987 (Germany)

To change it up a bit from The Sound and Adrian Borland bootlegs I've been posting lately. This is the second self-titled album from German band Short Romans. Their sound is guitar driven, dark and catchy as hell. At times yes, they sound a bit over-produced, perhaps even cliche!? Still... tracks like Linda and Jealous Way manage to lodge it's way deep into the inner recesses of the brain and you find yourself putting it on repeat... needless to say I absolutely Love these guys !

I'll be posting their 1st release 37 Guitars and more info about them shortly.

Will appeal to those who like Comsat Angels ,
early Marquee Moon, and Laughing House


Adrian Borland - Beautiful Ammunition (1994)

His first solo Album without The Citizens.

Adrian Borland - Beautiful Ammunition

Re-United States of Love
Open Door
Stranger In The Soul
Break My Fall
Station Of The Cross
Simple Little Love
White Room
Past Full Of Shadows
Ordinary Angel
Lonely Late-Nighter
Someone Will Love You Today
In Passing

Adrian Borland & The Citizens - Brittle Heaven Demos and Rarities

Brittle Heaven Demos and Rarities

Flight 23
Rising in Love
European Streets
Nowhere to Fall
All The Words
Oh Sister
Universe of You
New Century Smile
Healing Kiss
Rouge Beauty
No Ethereal
Light The Sky
Found Lost Found

22 January 2011

Adrian Borland - Harmony & Destruction 2002

Harmony & Destruction was the project he was working on before his untimely death,the recordings were completed by co-producer Wally Brill and the session musicians and released after.
It is still in print and available to buy at Sun Red Records , who also has reissued Sad Lovers & Giants, And Also The Trees, House Of Love, Lowlife, The Opposition, Comsat Angels and many others.

You can also grab the demos to Harmony & Destruction here

* Track 2 has a nasty skip in it... Sorry !!!

Adrian Borland - The SHH! Recordings ' Harmony & Destruction Demos '

A million thanks to Malcolm for sharing this
There seems to be some inconsistencies with the album art, The cover say SSH Recordings, and the back artwork says SHH Recordings. I wanted to point this out to avoid any unnecessary comments. Yes.. whoever made this bootleg forgot to check their spelling errors..
but who gives a damn right!

The SHH! Recordings
Harmony & Destruction Demos

Destiny Stops Screaming
Ghost of Your Heart
Get Me A Witness
In The Field
Angel Sulk
Land Meets Ocean
Are These The Days
Europe is a Darkroom
Forever From Here
When A Star Dies
Love Will Save The Day
Angel Sulk pt.2
Song Damn Song
Heart Goes Down Like The Sun
Summer Wheel

04 January 2011

Adrian Borland and The Sound
2 Meter Sessies

Thanks to Gino for sharing this one
This is an 'unplugged' bootleg made by a fan, containing some of the best versions of 'Silent Air', 'The Other side Of The World ' and ' When Can I be Me ' I've ever heard.