23 January 2011

Short Romans - Short Romans 1987 (Germany)

To change it up a bit from The Sound and Adrian Borland bootlegs I've been posting lately. This is the second self-titled album from German band Short Romans. Their sound is guitar driven, dark and catchy as hell. At times yes, they sound a bit over-produced, perhaps even cliche!? Still... tracks like Linda and Jealous Way manage to lodge it's way deep into the inner recesses of the brain and you find yourself putting it on repeat... needless to say I absolutely Love these guys !

I'll be posting their 1st release 37 Guitars and more info about them shortly.

Will appeal to those who like Comsat Angels ,
early Marquee Moon, and Laughing House


Adrian Borland - Beautiful Ammunition (1994)

His first solo Album without The Citizens.

Adrian Borland - Beautiful Ammunition

Re-United States of Love
Open Door
Stranger In The Soul
Break My Fall
Station Of The Cross
Simple Little Love
White Room
Past Full Of Shadows
Ordinary Angel
Lonely Late-Nighter
Someone Will Love You Today
In Passing

Adrian Borland & The Citizens - Brittle Heaven Demos and Rarities

Brittle Heaven Demos and Rarities

Flight 23
Rising in Love
European Streets
Nowhere to Fall
All The Words
Oh Sister
Universe of You
New Century Smile
Healing Kiss
Rouge Beauty
No Ethereal
Light The Sky
Found Lost Found

22 January 2011

Adrian Borland - Harmony & Destruction 2002

Harmony & Destruction was the project he was working on before his untimely death,the recordings were completed by co-producer Wally Brill and the session musicians and released after.
It is still in print and available to buy at Sun Red Records , who also has reissued Sad Lovers & Giants, And Also The Trees, House Of Love, Lowlife, The Opposition, Comsat Angels and many others.

You can also grab the demos to Harmony & Destruction here

* Track 2 has a nasty skip in it... Sorry !!!

Adrian Borland - The SHH! Recordings ' Harmony & Destruction Demos '

A million thanks to Malcolm for sharing this
There seems to be some inconsistencies with the album art, The cover say SSH Recordings, and the back artwork says SHH Recordings. I wanted to point this out to avoid any unnecessary comments. Yes.. whoever made this bootleg forgot to check their spelling errors..
but who gives a damn right!

The SHH! Recordings
Harmony & Destruction Demos

Destiny Stops Screaming
Ghost of Your Heart
Get Me A Witness
In The Field
Angel Sulk
Land Meets Ocean
Are These The Days
Europe is a Darkroom
Forever From Here
When A Star Dies
Love Will Save The Day
Angel Sulk pt.2
Song Damn Song
Heart Goes Down Like The Sun
Summer Wheel

04 January 2011

Adrian Borland and The Sound
2 Meter Sessies

Thanks to Gino for sharing this one
This is an 'unplugged' bootleg made by a fan, containing some of the best versions of 'Silent Air', 'The Other side Of The World ' and ' When Can I be Me ' I've ever heard.