17 November 2010

Marilyn's Army - Puppet's Of a Broken Dream 7 " (Germany)

Sorry for being MIA for the past few months folks, had an incredibly busy summer with a new move and all the other lovely things life throws at you. But that all said.. I have a few new things to put up, the first being from an obscure band from Essen, Germany.

More info about them will be spread out over a few of my next posts, since I will be putting also up from them the very limited 'Golden Paradise'. Put out in 1989, The Puppet's of A Broken Dream 7" was limited to 507 copies, printed in 4 different colours or (I guess what was available at the copyshop) and each handfolded.
With tribal drumming and violins, Marilyn's Army proves to be some interesting goth fare .
You can also grab their full length Lp Golden Paradise here

Marilyn's Army at this time were :

*click to enlarge*

Puppet's of A Broken Dream 7"

Side A . Puppet's of A Broken Dream
Side B . Welcome to the Bitter Times