01 May 2010

In Memoriam - Adrian Borland

In the recent anniversary (April 26th) of the passing of one of my favorite and most respected musicians, Adrian Borland I decided to pull together a short span of his 20+ year career and the different bands he formed and participated in. Besides being a musician he was also a noted producer, who aided the likes of Felt, Dole, and Into Paradise .
* I highly recommend downloading these 3 bands *

Here are a few of my favorite albums throughout his career.

The Outsiders - Vital Years (1976-79)
This is where it all started.. a angry young Borland. Besides playing gigs at the infamous Roxy, they were the first noted UK punk band to release their own DIY album ' Calling All Youth' while everyone else was putting out 7".This is a collection of all of The Outsiders material, Vital years was released in 2000, but I'am uncertain of it's availability.

Second Layer - State of Emergency (1981)
Borland and other bandmate Graham Bailey's side projects while starting up The Sound. Dark, creepy and experimental and completely left field of what they went to do with The Sound but nevertheless very cool stuff. You can get the reissue of 'World Of Rubber' here.

The Sound - Korova Demos (80-81)
Since it is nearly impossible for me to pick a favorite Sound album I decided to put up the Korova tape demos from the earlier part of their career, If you haven't heard all of The Sound albums you are seriously missing out ! All the sound stuff at one time was all reissued on RENASCENT but because of liscensing issues they are no longer available to buy.

Honolulu Mountain Daffodils -
Guitars of the Oceanic Overgrowth(1987)

a lesser known project Borland worked on under the
alias of Joachim Pimento.

Adrian Borland & The Citizens - Alexandria (1989)
Not to long after the end of The Sound, Borland started a solo career with the Citizens as his back up band. A complete different direction musically, but throughout his solo career you can see how much he grew as a songwriter and musician, get all of the albums if you can.

Adrian Borland - Cinematic (1995)
Borland solo minus the Citizens, stylewise nothing like
The Sound,but still a very strong and beautiful album.

White Rose Transmission (1995 - present)

Borland's collaboration with Carlos Van Putten (The Convent and Dead Guitars).

* I only decided to put up a few of my favorite albums,quite a few blogs have every album already on their blog but If anyone would like anything else from Second Layer, The Sound, and Adrian Borland's solo albums just comment below and leave a request. *


  1. This is a terrific post. It's clear that you've put a lot of work into it so thanks very much.

  2. ThanXXX...Iwant to hugh you.. I'm terribly long waiting for someone who is post this, If you have more Adrian please !!!

  3. With pleasure! Thank you so much for the positive feedback..both of you

    Jeremy.... I was actually looking forward to hearing what you thought about Borland and his different periods as a musician in The Outsiders vs The Sound vs solo work and his produced work ?

    Roan11.... is there anything in paticular you are looking for from Adrian Borland or more or less more recommendations?

  4. Thanks for the Korova demos - 1st couple of Sound albums are my faves, so am looking forward to playing this.

  5. wow! i wasn't expecting material such as that of second layer to come from andrian borland.
    thank you very much for sharing this info.
    i liked "cost of living" from "korova demos";
    it's also included in "propaganda" release.

  6. I'm happy I was able to introduce something new to you..did you check out the post I did on The Witch Trials, its stuff he did with Jell oBIafra..who would ever think they'd do work together ;)

    I highly recommend you check out some of the bands he produced.. like Into Paradise, Felt and Dole....all brilliant artist and a must for any Borland/Sound fan.

  7. Hi,

    Du sitzt in good old Germany? Klasse! Besonders die Korova Demos. Mich würden die Demos von 93 und die Lovefield Demos interessieren, lässt sich da was machen? Außerdem wären da noch akustische Solo Shows von Adrian. Bei uns hier in HL lief damals Can't escape myself rauf und runter, so 81/82, waren das noch Zeiten. Hab leider The Sound oder Adrian nie live sehen können. Also, weiter so!


  8. oh, my god. Thank you very much for the links!!! Have you the rest of Adrian Borland (wihout the citizens) albums???

    Thanks a lot!!


  9. Hello Oscar,
    Yes I do ;) request which albums and I'd be more then happy to put them up here

  10. Hello. the first Adrian Borland album without the Citizens is "Beautiful Ammunition". "Cinematic"is the second one. Thanks.

  11. Anonymous,
    ahhh someone noticed my error..it's good to know someone is paying attention ;)

  12. thank you very much from Argentina!!
    de verdad muchas gracias por el material.

  13. So much thanks from Brescia, Italy.
    I always searched this productions, and now (only now!) i found in this blog.
    Lost so much time ago, and found now, ahead!
    I'm the happy man in the world.
    The very biggest thanks!!
    Great, great blog.

  14. No te das una idea de como me siento en este momento, Adrian Borland es uno de mis cantantes favoritos y seguir encontrado discos de toda su brillante carrera, hace que mi cerebro libere endorfina sin parar y mi corazón aumente sus latidos.

    Muchas gracias, un bastardo mas de la música de Borland

  15. Thanx a lot for the awesome albums

  16. I'd love to get ahold of Close Up. I can't seem to find it anywhere. thanks for all the connections. I really love the sound.

  17. @ River Cenote .. No problem I'll post Close Up for you within the next week or so, keep checking back :)

  18. So sad that he passed way. I was really sad to hear baout this.