10 August 2011

Fuck Your Dreams, This Is Heaven soundtrack featuring: Niki Mono plus members of Minimal Compact & Tuxedomoon

This is the original soundtrack from a video-film by Wonder Product, and a film which I have yet to see but was a must when I saw the contents. The soundtrack is filled with covers of Syd Barrett, The Yardbirds, Velvet Underground, Jefferson Airplane and Patti Smith, all done by members of Minimal Compact, Tuxedomoon and the very underrated Niki Mono. They manage to dissect these classics, drain them and turned these songs into strange and beautiful corpses. It may not be the best material from Tuxedomoon or Minimal Compact, but it's certainly quite fascinating just the same and possibly one of the best soundtracks I have heard in years. It's a must for fans of Minimal Compact and Tuxedomoon.

Fuck Your Dreams This Is Heaven original Soundtrack (1986)
Minimal Compact - Still I'm Sad
Niki Mono & Nikolas Klau - Flaming
Peter Principle - No Man's Land
Niki Mono & Minimal Compact - Marathon
Minimal Compact - Late Night
Nikolas Klau, Steven Brown, Peter Principle - Venus in Furs
Niki Mono & Berry Sakharof - Dancing Barefoot
Steven Brown - Coming Back To Me
Bruce Geduldig & Peter Principle - Ocean