25 April 2010

The Climb (Uk)

Before their were the Trashing Doves, there was The Climb.

Below are the two singles and demos that were recorded before their transitioning, and what a crazy transition that was(if you listen to TD you'll see what I mean). 'I Can't Forget' is a sentimentally sweet wave song,that really calls to mind New Order. The 12" and 7" versions of this song are different, the 12 " is an extended version and sightly better. What really stands out the most is the B-sides 'Only a Human', 'Your Hell' and 'Lower Class Of Heaven' are in a completely different style, lyrically and musically much more profound. They claimed they were listening to a hell of alot of Echo and The Bunnymen at the time and you definitely can tell.

They have one more 7" 'Poacher is as Poacher Does', which no one can find, but their is a demo version of it along with the other demos, which a few of them turned into Thrashing Dove songs. Regardless... still worth a listen.

The Climb

I Can't Forget 7" version (1981)
+Pinnacle Records +

A I Can't Forget
B Only A Human

I Can't Forget 12 " version (1981)
+Pinnacle Records +

A I Can't Forget (A Mother's Crime)
B Your Hell

Touch Me (Heaven) 7" (1982)
+Pinnacle Records +

A Touch Me (Heaven)
B Lower Class of Heaven


Away With Words
Moses Beat
Poacher is as Poacher Does
The Final Bath
The Hobbledehoy

18 April 2010

Darkroom (Canada)

For this one we have to delve back, deep into my childhood and with that back to one of my big Idols and Heroes… Lumpi von Schlotterstein. Lumpi was one of the Characters in the TV show ‘The little Vampire’ (Or ‘Der kleine Vampier’ as we knew it in Germany). Lumpi was played by the Canadian Actor/Musician Jim Gray, who probably single handedly influenced more children then any other tv personality in Germany… every boy wanted to be like him, and every girl had a crush on him… well, at least that’s how I remember it. ;-)
But to get back to the subject, besides singing the title-song (Which you will find a bit further down) for the series, Jim Gray already was an established musician in Canada. He released two Albums with his Band ‘Darkroom’, ‘San Paku’ in 1983 and ‘A test of time’ in 1985. Both Albums are a bitch to find in Germany, and I only got my Hands on the first one because my wife found it and recognized Jim on the cover. (That’s what you get for marrying a german guy, you will have to watch strange but really cool TV for children. )
When you are listening to ‘San Paku’ you can clearly hear that this is an '80s band, not that there is anything wrong with it. There are a lot of comparable bands out there, so I will not even try to drop a name here, I highly suggest everybody listens to it and picks one for them self. But all in all it’s a decent Album and fun to listen to. Having this strong childhood connection to this man may influence my point of view here, but there is nothing wrong with a little bit of Hero Worship.
Jim Gray - They can See in the Dark

As a conclusion I can only say that it is a relief to have an alternative to ‘They can see in the dark’ to spin at parties… ;-)

In Dim Light 3:35
Leave It To Heaven 3:45
Tears Hold No Cure 3:45
Proven Guilty 3:32
It's Cold Out Here 3:44
San Paku 5:06
Don't Talk 3:30
Some Stories Never Change 5:23
Pressure 4:06
Bonus from EP:
Detective Man 3:22

And if you have never seen ‘The little Vampire’ you should really search for it, it’s an amazing show.
But be careful, it needs to be the Original German/Canadian co-production from 1985, there was another series and a movie later, and both are really bad… most likely because they don’t have Jim Gray playing Lumpi. ;-)

17 April 2010

Voluptas Dolendi (Italy)

Here's another Italian obscurity for you all

Voluptas Dolendi were from Ancona, Italy and existed for a short 2 year run between '86-'88 and managed to release 2 demo tapes.
These guys are really all over the place... neo psychedelic deathrock with synths thrown in and almost teetering on the edge of experimental, nevertheless really interesting stuff.

Favorite Track'Inferno della Carne' full demo link below+

Voluptas Dolendi/Il Gioco Degli Dei demos (1986-87)
+self released+

Ecco Perche
Voluptas Dolendi
In Isolamento
Inferno Della Carne
Innocente (acustica)
Il Gioco Degli Dei

16 April 2010

Kitchens Of Distinction - Strange Free World (uk)

BRILLIANT album from a brilliant Band.
Strange Free World is filled with impassioned vocals and lushy effects laden guitar that seems to sound like a mass of swirling guitars that reach for the heavens and crash like waves. Kitchens of Distinction always leaves me entranced, from the amazing opener 'Railwayed' to 'Quick as Rainbows, the bittersweet 'He Holds Her He Needs Her' and 'Drive that Fast' which I posted a video. Will appeal to those of you who enjoy The Cocteau Twins, Johnny Marr and The Chameleons more or less for the lushy guitar and wall of sound.
Kitchens Of Distinctions never got picked up by any major labels due to the fact of their openly gay lyrics and attacks on the then prime minister Thatcher. Really...stupid reasons if you ask me !

+Favorite track'he holds her he needs her' full album link below+

Strange Free World LP
+One Little Indian Records+

A1 Railwayed
A2 Quick as Rainbows
A3 Hypnogogie
A4 He Holds Her He Needs Her
A5 Polaroids

B2 Gorgeous Love
B2 Aspray
B3 Drive That Fast
B4Within The Daze Of Passion
B5 Under The Sky, Inside The Sea

*produced by Hugh Jones (Echo and The Bunnymen,Simple Minds, REM ) *

UPDATE : unfortunately this link has been requested to be deleted..sorry folks

15 April 2010

Death In Venice (Italy)

Death in Venice was a goth, coldwave act from Venice, Italy. Its hard for me to do a write up about this band since what info I do find is in Italian. I've included some magazine scans for anyone who can translate them. Below is their entire discography I have made available, except the 7" version of Presence in Absence, I just think the 12" is better..it has the outstanding track 'Sex of the Angels' which I could listen to over and over again.

+favorite track'sex of the angels' full albums downloads below+

Death in Venice Discography

Deca Dance demo (1983)
+self released no label+

Lunar Shell
Black Flowers of Dance
Happy Birthday
Pre Existence
Insanus Driver

Presence in Absence 12" (1985)
+released on Contempo Records +

Pale Flesh
China Guru

12 " (1986)
+released on Contempo Records+

The Sex of The Angels
Orgasm Guaranteed

14 April 2010

Clan of Xymox Peel Sessions

Having mixed feelings as I do about this band and only being a fan of the earlier Clan stuff, I rarely revisit their material. But I will have to say these peel sessions have to be the best thing they ever recorded.

+Favorite track'STRANGER' full album link below+

Peel sessions CD (aired on) June 04 & November 3 1985
+ released on Strange Fruits (2003) + *OOP*

Muscoviet Mosquito
Seventh Time
After The Call
Agonised By Love

12 April 2010

The Reegs - Chorus of The Lost 12" 1989

Just came back from holiday in London and stumbled across some interesting pieces of vinyl, which I'll post over the next few weeks. 1st one is this gorgeous 12" from ex Chameleons Dave Fielding and Reg Smithies' project, The Reegs.

The Reegs - Chorus Of The Lost 12 " 1989 + Released on Imaginary Records +

a1- Chorus Of the lost
b1- Pond Life
b2- Start To See

All their reissues can be found here
+ The Definitive Collection all their works on one CD, definitely worth purchasing+

06 April 2010

Brotherhood Of Pagans- Tales Of Vampires FRANCE (1995)

Remember This One ?

If you do.. give it another listen, if not..... Du musst !
Brotherhood of Pagans were a gothrock act from France who rose out of the then fading Coldwave scene. Some catchy tracks on this lovely little album, and still enjoying them after these 13 years.

+ I'm still searching for their 2 demo tapes Flower of Oblivion and
Inquisition Day..if anyone has these I'd love a copy

**you can get the demos over at Fritz die Spinne blog ..Thanks for posting those Fritz

+favorite track'WARSHOW' full album link below+

Brotherhood of Pagans- Tales of Vampires (1995)

The Gathering
Don't Fall
Black Art
Sinner comes to Bits
God Damn My Soul

Ministry - Same Old Madness (198?)

... Al Jourgensen you sexy beast ! What the hell happened ? You use to be so cool ! Okay here's a little gem from back when Ministry was actually ..ummm interesting!? Nevertheless I enjoy the heck out of this track.

Here's the download for 'Same Old Madness' +unreleased track+

05 April 2010

Crimson Muddle (France)

Again I have to start a blog with stating the fact that it is pretty hard to describe the Music from a band I’m writing about. (Looks like this will become a habbit) But in this case it’s actually hard to pinpoint anything to compare Crimson Muddle with. Of course there are rather obvious inspirations from the whole of the French Cold-Wave, I especially can understand a comparison to Martin Dupont. Beside that their influences seem to be all over the place (and I mean that in the most positive way possible), all in all they just put together their own very unique Sound. They are one of this Bands were every song can sound completely different then the next, but still uniquely Crimson Muddle.

Crimson Muddle was long in the making, Hellebore first started to work on the Idea of this Band back in 2003, after a little detour with Deadchovsky she gave Crimson Muddle more of a shape in 2008. It took a bit longer and playing around with the Band Members till the Band settled and then consisted of Hellebore, Annie Dog and Abesada. These three Girls and their various instruments (keyboard, violin, xylophone and bass, to just mention a few) soon got a cult following in and outside of Paris and all over Europe soon after. Some of their early tracks were released on samplers and they put out one EP on Zorch Factory Records. And with this we finally come to the point of this post…

I highly recommend everybody to give this EP a listen, even if it’s only for their amazing cover of Joy Division’s Closer. This EP gives a general overview about the Band and how they worked many different styles into their Music. But you will not be able to fully experience Crimson Muddle as long as you haven’t seen them live. This is where their Music really goes to another level.
Their first Album is due to come out this Month (Manic Depression Records), so if you like the EP go and get the Album as soon as it is out.

+Favorite track'A MEANS TO AN END'+

Get the EP here!

04 April 2010

A Certain Ratio - Peel Sessions

To change it up a bit..Here's a nice little bunch of Peel Sessions from A Certain Ratio spanning from '79-'82.. Enjoy!

+favorite track'Choir' full albums link below+

First Session
- (air date) 17/10/1979

Do The Do
All Night Party
The Choir

Second Session (air date) 02/07/1981

Day One
Knife Slits Water

Third Session
(air date) 01/12/1982

Who's To Say
Piu Lento

02 April 2010

Invincible - Venus (1999) UK

So YES the Chameleons are over and done..even though one doesn't want to except it. Bringing forth to life three of the most life changing albums to grace ones ears, thus something very hard to live up to. But talent always transends time and that is apparent with Mark Burgess' work with Invincible. Along with Yves Altana a strong partnership is built and is clearly reflected in the work that went into this lushly arranged album. Venus is an album that really grows on you with each listen, especially such tracks as ' Only You Could Save Me', 'Venus on the Rise' and 'Verboten'

Asides Burgess' other collaborations with The Sons Of God and Bird, Invincible is one of my favorite projects since The Sun and The Moon. Maybe because its the direction I really wanted the Chameleon's to go with their reunion album Why Call It Anything, which was released the following year. What really is the difference between Burgess' work with the Chameleons and Invincible ? The anwser.....Yves Altana, with his stellar skills on guitar and production. The work Burgess did with him on Venus is FAR more impressive.

+Favorite track'Only You could save me' full album link below+

Invincible -Venus (1999)
1. Venus On The Rise
2. Spooks
3. Think (It's Going To Happen)
4. Do It Tomorrow
5. Dangerous
6. Shiver
7. Burning Bibles
8. Verboten
9. Gethsemene
10. Seventeen
11. Only You Could Save Me
12. Kinks
13. Think (Again)