16 February 2012

Hello England !

So yet I have moved house once again and now to England, thus the reason for no new blog post the past few months. I promise I do have some delightful treats for you that are currently packed away..once I get myself settled and dig some things out I will get back to ripping again. I have some plans to re-rip a few lower quality albums that I have already shared up to 320 and reup new links. I also plan in between my new posts to share with you all 50 of my most favorite albums of all time. I have had a few people ask me this over the last few years I have been writing for this blog and I found it a rather good idea.

In fact, I'm rather interested in hearing what are your 50 top albums of all time.

Until then I just wanted to Thank each and everyone of our followers and for being patient in between my infrequent posts, and promises once I get my ass in gear Nightmares on Wax will be filled with more musical delights for your listening pleasure.

cheers ! and A Happy New Year to you all