18 November 2009

Zorch Factory Records – Label - France

To shake up the usual content I decided to write something about a concept that is very dear to my heart, Net Labels. And the most interesting one, in my opinion, is Zorch Factory Records.

It was founded by Manu/Zorch how was involved in Projects and Bands like Camp Z, Sleeping Children, Zorch Factor and The Vertigo Smile. But besides being a platform to promote his own stuff, he opened it up for other Projects and bands to. The Label features bands from a lot of different genres, some more and some less prominent.

The Thing that I appreciate and respect the most about this Label is the fact that they publicize the music under the creative commons license. This 'basically' means that it’s free to download the music from the homepage.
(See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ for more information)

The reason for my love for little projects like this is based on my whole (maybe naive) concept that music is art, and that art should be accessible for everyone. This (mostly) young and struggling Bands can use a platform like Zorch Factory Records to get their work out in the open, to make a name for them self. Being an idealist, when it comes to that, I just have to respect any band that provides their music for free.

But to get back to the actual Label, you will find work from artists like:

Camp Z
The Red Crayon Aristocrat Club
Acid Bats
The Cementary Girlz
Crimson Muddle
General Decay
Los Carniceros Del Norte
and many more…

I highly recommend this Site for anybody that is interested in given new Bands a chance. There is a whole bunch of great stuff to discover there.

And if for nothing else, you should at least go there to check out the Crimson Muddle EP. (Expect a whole article about this wonderful Band very soon.)