17 November 2012

Post Punk in Italy

My offering for you today is a series of fantastic comps compiled by a very good friend of mine for us here at Nightmares on Wax, where their prime focus is mostly on many key elemental bands of the Italian punk, post punk, dark wave and goth scenes. The first part of this series showcase some of the more cult bands of the Italian Post punk scene and of coarse some delightful obscurities thrown in for good measure

Without getting too much into various historical facts and other tediums, the Italian post punk scene mostly started making a bigger headway around 1979, with many of the first eminent bands appearing in Bologna and Pordenone. When finally the musical scene came into full force, Florence then became  the capital of the Italian post punk and wave movement and produced cult bands such as Diaframma and Litfiba in which I'll explain a little bit more about these two bands below.

Is probably one of the most notable and famous Italian bands of this era. With an initial start in '79 under the strong and constant direction of Federico Fiumani, the one constant member of Diaframma. They had various vocalist changes over their career as a band but first started out with Nicola Vannini as frontman. Which during this time drew in a bit of a cult following becoming known as something of an 'Italian Joy Division'. Then switched over to Nick Vannini as the new frontman, giving Diaframma even more of a darker sound and presence. In 1984 for the album Siberia yet another new front man (Miro Sassolini) would take over changing yet again the entire presence of the band, but this time around changing from being a bi-lingual lyrical band to just their pure Italian roots...thus beginning the real era of Diaframma. Siberia is probably considered one of the best Italian post punk albums and a fundamental for the whole Italian rock movement because from this particular album  numerous Italian bands would state as a key inspiration.

Starting out in the earlier part of the 80's, Litfiba was equally important and responsible for bringing the Italian language to post punk music just as Diaframma was. They also are considered one of the most famous Italian bands in Europe and toured quite frequently throughout various parts of the continent. Their style is a very traditional type of post-punk with synthpop elements which is probably presented best in their 'Luna La Preda' 7''. They also would occasionally explore more experimental realms with such songs as 'Eneide di Krypton'. Nearing the end of the 80's though they still were together producing music but changed to more of an alternative rock and pop rock band.

  Underground Life
During the latter part of the 70's various other cult bands were beginning to form in Italy, especially one worth mentioning from Monza, a city which was not too far from Milan called Underground Life. In '79 they released their first 7"  'Noncurance / Black Out' which managed to make it's way into the Rough Trade store front, being displayed and sold as 'Italian punk rock '. 
Their style and sound changed quite often during their time together as a band,  in which they experimented quite often with different elements of post punk, synthpop, minimal wave and new wave and incorporated each bit together into very stark and bleak ballads
....' punk rock ' indeed.

 Dirty Actions  
One of the first post punk bands from Genova that like so many other great bands, only lasted a very short period.Their sound is utterly infectious and does get you moving, especially on such tracks as 'Bandana Boys'... filled with moveable dub beats, twangy guitars and chaotic synth melodies.

Originally from Bologna, they formed sometime in '77making them probably one of the first real post punk bands in Italy. Don't quote me on that one though. Their sound was a mix of elementary post punk and no wave weirdness, which resulted in a frenetic and dirty sounding post punk. 
Later on they would become more of an Italo Disco group and just broke the initial band name to Gaz Nevada.

So enjoy the comp below and let us know what you think ..

Italian Post Punk Compilation vol 1.

Dark Tales - 1984
Dirty Actions - Bandana Boys
Gaznevada - Blue Tv Set
Dissolutio Humani Generis - Psico
Definitive Gaze - The Wire Blaze
Diskanto - Trafficanti
Vox Rei - Fear
Litfiba - La preda
Neurox - Raving Night
Pale Tv - Night Toys
Polaroid - Vita Immaginaria
After Budapest - In The Firedance
Marte in Ariete - Ultimi fuochi
Underground Life -Glass House
Spleen - Searchin' For Love
Diaframma - Siberia
Viridanse - Justine
Mickeranno - Da un'altra parte
Panjandrum - A Grey Landing On a Country

13 November 2012

Tuxedomoon needs your help !

Tuxedomoon is currently having plans for a new project, live dates, new recordings and Film, but need financial support to help back these various endeavors. They've started a pledge drive over at Pledge Music to help get some financial backing and with just a few days left they are almost at goal. So I encourage you to go check it out here and pledge something if you can to enable the continuation of this band's genius being brought to daylight.

09 November 2012

Disco Inferno - In Debt

'In Debt' is an absolutely stunning compilation made up of their earlier works. When listening to this be prepared to dissolve and disintegrate into the room around you.
With such lush dreamy soundscapes and beautiful rolling, angular guitars Disco Inferno would of made it quite at home with some of the earlier 4AD bands, it just goes without saying that this album most definitely does not sound like it's from the early 90's. One thing I guarantee though, this will get repeated listens and a deeper love for them will begin to grow just as it has for me.

Arc In Round
Set Sail
Hope To God
Free Thought
Bleed Clean
Next in Line
Waking Up
Glancing Away
Fallen Down The Wire
No Edge, No End