14 January 2010

The Past Seven Days - Raindance 7" (1981)

The Past Seven Days were a sheffield band on the 4AD label, but unfortunately left 4AD and signed to DinDisc. Dispite switching labels this 4AD release was sadly the only thing that was ever put out by them.

'Raindance' is simply 6 mins of tranquil, melodic beauty.

+Favorite track 'RAINDANCE' full 7" link below+

The Past Seven Days-Raindance 7" (1981 ) 4AD

side A
side B
So Many Others

* This track can also be found on The Natures Mortes compilation put out by 4AD
the whole comp. can be found here

12 January 2010

Laughing House - Democracy EP (UK) 1987

I decided to dig this next posting out for Antonio and of coarse do a well over due write up and give this band some well deserved exposure. For the longest time this band always remained a bit of a mystery to me, no info could be found, or even any of their material could be located. The only thing I had was one track thrown on a mixed tape for me ( remember the days when we use to all exchange the 'mixed tape' ) And to my misfortune..a few years went past before I even gave the tape a listen..there was a few interesting tracks on there but one stood out and impressed me greatly 'walking on my own' from Laughing House. By this time of coarse I lost contact with this friend and couldn't find out more about Laughing House. Well years later thanks to the Information superhighway I sent the singer a message..and got more then I would ever expect. Freddie and Rob the two brothers in Laughing House ending up being such lovely gentlemen and mailed me a copy of the 12" Democracy ep .

Laughing House are from Coventry and formed sometime in '84 by the two brothers Freddie (
vocals/guitar) and Rob (bass) and shortly gained a really great drummer, Steve. And for 5 years played a slew of gigs around the midlands, recorded an ep and a 9 track cassette put out by a local label, Sonar in '87. They ended up grabbing the attention of a few major labels but unfortunately nothing came out of it and Freddie left in '89, shortly after Laughing House decided to call it quits. Recently after 20 years, the guys got back together and played a gig on November 4th, 2009 at the Spencer Club in Coventry.

So now I provide for you all with their only offical release
Democracy that was 'Created solely for the cure of all weaknesses of men. They positively guarantee it to cure all forms of nervous debility, impotency spermatorrhea, night emissions, shrunken parts, nervousness, forgetfulness, confusion of ideas, lame back, languor dyspepsia, rhuematism, kidney and bladder complaint, and the many evils resulting from secret habits in youth or passionate excesses in maturer years. They guarantee this stereophonic recording to enlarge shrunken or undeveloped organs, or no pay !

Will appeal to those who like Comsat Angels, early U2, The Scars, and Killing Joke

Democracy Ep (1987)
On Sonar Records

+Tracks listing+

side A
Take The Mask Away

Side B
Decline and Fall
Walking On My Own

There are still copies of this EP floating around .. Sonar Records has a few left in Stock.

08 January 2010

Afterimage - Fade In 12" ep (USA)

AfterImage came out during the blooming LA underground music scene sometime in 1980. They haunted local clubs such as the Whisky, The Hong Kong Café, Club 88 and the Brave Dog, playing with the likes of Suburban Lawns, Savage Republic, and Middle Class. In 1981 they released one 7" single and a 12" ep Fade In, a very powerful debut EP containing the usual moody post punk formula of 'thunderous rhythum, threatening bass, and haunting vocals'.

AfterImage were :
vocals and sax: Daniel Voznick (aka Alec Tension)
guitar and keyboards: A Produce
bass: Rich Evac

: Holland DeNuzzio

+Favorite track'SATELLITE OF LOVE' full album link below+

AfterImage- Fade In 12" ep 1981 released on * Contagion Records*

Side A
Surf Generator/Part Of The Threat
Side B
Satellite of Love
No Dreams