31 August 2012

VA - Kindred Spirits a Bedazzled Label Sampler (1994)

Now that I finally found a halfway decent file-sharing site, I've slowly began to get links back up and get everything organized and 'somewhat' sorted. Which happily brings me to my latest offering that is inspired by me listening far too much to the newest Dead Can Dance album and getting locked back in to this 4AD atmospheric mood again. What I have here is one of the first samplers Bedazzled every released and is filled back to back with dreamy swirly goth and shoegaze tracks this label was known for producing. Bedazzled were very much or I should say trying to be the US equivalent to 4AD, very much like Los Angeles label, Independent Project. I posted their Second Sampler Woke Up Smiling on here the middle of last year if you missed that. Now on to a few key highlights on bands and tracks off of the comp.

Big Hat  - Pocketful

were a goth band out of Chicago from the very early 90's and in all aspects very much a 4AD band but not on the label. Their sound is best described as what happens when you mix Dead Can Dance and The Cocteau Twins together in one lush and teeming musical cocktail.

The Garden - Blythe Spirit

one of the best tracks off the whole comp comes from a virtually unknown band out of Pittsburgh, PA. Their history goes back as far as 1985 and are know as 'Pittsburgh's first goth band'. More info about them will be coming up in my next blog post where I'll be sharing some of their demos and a Compilation Cd with remastered tracks that came out in 1997..so check back for that soon.

VA - Kindred Spirits (1994)

Strange Boutique -  The Charm
Switchblade Symphony - Clown
The Curtain Society - Adrenaline
Siddal - Pontus
Ultracherry Violet - Falling In Love
Mistle Thrush-Whispers
Big Hat -Pocketful ( remix )
Twelve Tone Failure - As I Hit The Floor
Viola Peacock - Shave Your Head
Opium Den - Blackwell Road
This Ascension - Admire
The Garden - Blithe Spirit
Purple Ivy Shadows - Carry Nation For The First Time

If you liked some of the bands on here you can find full albums from The Curtain Society and Siddal  on some past posts.

14 August 2012

The Soft Moon - Die Life **new song**

just freshly released today a new track from the dark and dirgy mind of Luis Vasquez. A little teaser of what is to come on the forthcoming album Zeros due out Oct. 30 / Nov 5 (EU) via Captured Tracks label.

08 August 2012

Mediafire account suspended

You know folks sometimes we speak too soon, but as always I will never let them win !  you know you spend 3 years on a blog so I refuse to give up just yet..so fuck 'em ! All posts and links will be back up as soon as I find a good alternative. Any recommendations for good file-sharing sites are welcome and well needed at this point.