28 March 2010

Slowdive- I'm the Elephant U are the Mouse unreleased film score

This post is for Aaron, who requested a copy of this awhile ago. A breathtaking compilation from Slowdive that unfortunately never saw the light of day.
The only litle bit of info that I do have is that it was the unreleased film score for the Film 'Pure' (Im the Elephant U are the Mouse original title) +check the link for more info+
For the longest time I had murkey uncut demos and finally was able to get ahold of crystal copies from the mastertapes.

Slowdive-Im the Elephant U are the Mouse Soundtrack(1999) +unreleased+
1. intro
2. ambient
3. amb - alt version
4. beginning (4 parts)
5. beginning, pt. 2
6. cranium (film mix)
7. i believe
8.cranium film mix
9.watch me (film mix)
10. Like up
11. Like up (demo rough mix)
12. Money
13. opening
14. Painting lost
15. riverman (final version)
16. riverman 2 #2
17. riverman 3 #1
18. riverman 3 #2
19. riverman 2 #1


  1. Cool. Thanks for posting this. I have their first 3 CD singles that I bought when they were little known. Sadly the damn things rotted (the silver of the discs evaporated over time)

  2. thanks. i notice the titles differ a lot from those posted here: http://tremelo100.blogspot.com/2007/07/slowdive-i-am-elephant-you-are-mouse.html interesting

  3. Checked it out.. and unfortunately the link is dead. There is the possibility that the one posted on that blog were the rough abridged versions of the Original score, which is the copy I had for quite sometime. The Master Tape version I have posted on my blog were put up on the Mojave 3 website and there are at least 4 different versions of the track listing I have found which have listed anywhere from 13 up to 20 tracks :/ frustrating... yes !
    Then I finally found a track listing that that was provided by someone who worked on the actual film..there is a possibilty this is the accurate track listing ?

  4. so sad i cant find the movie online

  5. Thanks so much......know anywhere the Souvakli demos can be found in anywhere near as good quality?
    It's such a disgrace all this material remains unreleased. Horrific.....

  6. Just a quick link with everything about Slowdive :) Demos/EP's/Unreleaseds/Videos/ etc etc etc.
    Enjoy Nightmares on Wax ;-)