16 February 2012

Hello England !

So yet I have moved house once again and now to England, thus the reason for no new blog post the past few months. I promise I do have some delightful treats for you that are currently packed away..once I get myself settled and dig some things out I will get back to ripping again. I have some plans to re-rip a few lower quality albums that I have already shared up to 320 and reup new links. I also plan in between my new posts to share with you all 50 of my most favorite albums of all time. I have had a few people ask me this over the last few years I have been writing for this blog and I found it a rather good idea.

In fact, I'm rather interested in hearing what are your 50 top albums of all time.

Until then I just wanted to Thank each and everyone of our followers and for being patient in between my infrequent posts, and promises once I get my ass in gear Nightmares on Wax will be filled with more musical delights for your listening pleasure.

cheers ! and A Happy New Year to you all


  1. Hello there, simply become alert to your weblog thru Google, and fosbobetund that it’s really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels

  2. as well as getting back to talking about this bullshit music with a some folks stateside, right? I HAVE MISSED YOU DEAR GIRL!!! Glad all has worked out! Can't wait to chat! xo

  3. Hi, Sarai, I'm Esteban from last.fm, I think I got banned in last.fm because of the links i put on my email... I'm still able to log in and listen music, but i can't send any messages or comments... Is there any email addres where I can send that message? Sorry, I don't want to be annoying... You can answer me in my blog Nada, or in my email, evalentin28@hotmail.com... have a great weekend, take care :)

  4. We think you might appreciate the following fine aficionados of rather fine music



    May all be well

    Misera e stupenda città

  5. Thank you everyone :) and Lorelle your seriously allowed to kick my ass ! I will write to you soon and I still have that And Also The Trees poster for you.

  6. Hi there!
    I saw a comment about Rehearsed Dreams that you sent to a friendly blog, so, if you're interested, i have upload in my blog Fearcondition.blogspot.com an EP by Rehearsed Dreams released last year, containing three songs of 1985 recordings that are not included in their LP.
    Have a nice time and "bravo" for your excellent blog.
    George from Greece!

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