08 August 2012

Mediafire account suspended

You know folks sometimes we speak too soon, but as always I will never let them win !  you know you spend 3 years on a blog so I refuse to give up just yet..so fuck 'em ! All posts and links will be back up as soon as I find a good alternative. Any recommendations for good file-sharing sites are welcome and well needed at this point.


  1. Zippyshare has not gone yet but files are deleted a month after the last download.

    I have actually given up now having had files all taken from 3 different providers. I only now use links given to me by bands or from bandcamp ...... not much use to you though as your gems are not current but classics from the past. Sorry not to be able to help more.

  2. man oh man, you're the third one in a few days, all cool blogs, this SUCKS:(

  3. hey mate thanks for the headsup about Zippyshare..I'm giving it a shot :))

    @ Henk Madrotter
    tell me about it..many of my favorite blogs are MIA now, but I won't be going anywhere anytime soon..they kick you down but you get right back up again ;) I already began my reuploads it just takes sometime

  4. Hey Man, mediafire did that to me too (and be careful with your 4shared also, they blocked me too even though they featured me as a dj / artist on their actual 4shared blog)
    here some other options that seem to be working for me:
    *favorite: http://www.hulkshare.com/
    http://www.sharebeast.com/ (but deleted if not downloaded)

  5. Hey cheers for that..I'm looking into them now... a big big thanks !

  6. How about http://www.unibytes.com/