07 June 2014

Paisley, Roses and Misanthropy

It's been ages since I posted anything and rather then committing this blog to an early grave, I decided to start posting some playlists I've been working on over the past months. Here is a gloomy, jangly neo-psychedelic playlist perfect for any mopey, pointy-shoe wearing Moth out there.


Lord John- Step upside Down
Jacobites- Shame For The Angels
Plasticland - Wallflowers
Into Paradise - Rain Comes Down
The Lucy Show - Sojourn's End
The Mighty Lemon Drops - One By One
The Climb - Your Hell
Furious Apples - Belladonna
Blue Blue Blue - Mother Father
Echo & The Bunnymen - Clay
Room Nine - Circus Floor
Persian Flowers - Somebody Else's Sin
Straitjacket Fits -She Speeds
Rain Parade - Prisoners
The Church - Chaos

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