14 January 2010

The Past Seven Days - Raindance 7" (1981)

The Past Seven Days were a sheffield band on the 4AD label, but unfortunately left 4AD and signed to DinDisc. Dispite switching labels this 4AD release was sadly the only thing that was ever put out by them.

'Raindance' is simply 6 mins of tranquil, melodic beauty.

+Favorite track 'RAINDANCE' full 7" link below+

The Past Seven Days-Raindance 7" (1981 ) 4AD

side A
side B
So Many Others

* This track can also be found on The Natures Mortes compilation put out by 4AD
the whole comp. can be found here


  1. Cool posts--keep 'em coming!

    I added a few things the last week or so - German Gothic acts, and a sampler rip. More to come

  2. This is very interesting The band members names as follows’’for the past seven days

    Maxwell’ Bass’
    Trevor Horne/keyboards
    John Hanlon/Guitar
    Colin Gaynor/Drums

  3. Just some small corrections in the band members
    Names’ (Max wall) (Trevor Dooley)also played sax'

    I know this cos’ I’m Colin Gaynor
    The then drummer of the band
    Haven’t seen any of the guys for many years’
    But have fantastic memories of our gigs at the leadmill and the students union’
    We formed a charity band called the Mysterons big 12 piece band playing covers like stand down Margaret) specials) and good times’ by chic’

  4. Hi Colin,
    glad you found this! THANKS for that info

  5. Colin

    I was at Sheffield Poly 78-81 and saw you several times. I have photos of your gig there November 26, 1980 where the 'Cocktail Party' warmed up. I also still have your single as a prized possesion. Great music - thanks!

    Mike Nelson

  6. Happy memories, I have this 7". My brother Simon designed the sleeve ;)

    Max and John are still around in Sheffield, but not active musically, I'm afraid. Trevor went on to They Must Be Russians and I replaced him...