17 June 2009

Deception Bay - My Color Flag (1991) USA

Deception Bay is definitely one of those bands where you tell yourself..."damn why didn't I discover them sooner"!?. This has to be one of my favorite bands/albums that have come across my path within the past year. Many thanks to DJ Delecti who was eager to play for me some freshly new acquired goods in his apartment one drunken evening. Thus was presented to me 'My Color Flag'. The first Track 'fortune days' immediately sucks you in with thunderous drums, basslines,distorted guitars and atonal vocals and the rest of the album never falling short. Dark, guitar oriented post punk that references Savage Republic and Joy Division.
This was there 3rd and final release off of Independent Project records known to have release such bands as Savage Republic, Kommunity FK, Red Temple Spirits, For Against, and Autumnfair.
A raw and subtly powerful album, sure to not disappoint!

My Color Flag -(2001) on Independent Project Records (limited press 2,000)

Fortune Days
All My Future
Fence and Flag
On My Side
Where Am I Now
The Place I’m Going
It’ll Be My Day
Getting Scared

There is also a Myspace page www.myspace.com/deceptionbays


  1. wicked awesome! hard to find. on ebay for a crazy $24.99 price. I like your price better - THANKS!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about! It was pure luck for me to find it just shyly under $6. But as I said that was PURE LUCK :P

  3. Ohh sure--I had this one up on deck next. Guess I'll have to post "Deception Bay" or "Fortune Days" instead.

    Good to see you take the plunge.

  4. Thanks! Never heard this one before. Only have their 1st 12".
    btw. linked you as well.

  5. THANKS ^_^
    Let me know what you think after you have a few listens.....
    Love your blog by the way Curious Guy

  6. pleaseplease reposting with valid link thanxx

  7. Could you please restore the link to download it please