24 June 2009

Strange Dolls Cult (Austria)

It’s not very easy to describe the Sound of this fairly young Band from Austria, some may just describe it as the typical style of the recent Deathrock revival, or in other words ‘just another Christian Death Clone’. Doing that is far too easy in my opinion, of course there are similarities to Christian Death, but it’s Deathrock, you will always find similarities to Christian Death. But enough about me rambling on about how much I hate people that have preconceptions about newer Deathrock Bands only because a few of them became popular (and we all know how ‘uncool’ that is).

Strange Dolls Cult was formed in 2005 and they released a 7” in 2007 titled ‘Puppets Dance’ which got a pretty good review from Mick Mercer (http://mickmercer.livejournal.com/696679.html). On this single you will find ‘Puppets Dance’ and ’Ruins of Western Civilisation’. Beside some releases on Samplers and a Demo Tape floating around the Internet , they didn’t released another EP or Album yet. With the latter one in production at the moment. (In the last mixing stages to be exact)

The first thing you will notice when listening to the 7” and especially the first song ‘Puppets Dance’ is that everything is there as expected, a solid Base, good percussions and nice Guitar Riffs. But then it goes further, the vocals come in, and you go on a nightmare trip through a manic brain. Music and Vocals work together to evoke this strong and powerful atmosphere that became so rare in Deathrock over the past few years. (You can listen to ‘Puppets Dance’ at their Myspace page)

What made me fall in love with them was that you can actually hear this guys (and girl) were really having fun just performing (It reminded me a bit of the 'fun-attitude' you hear when listening to Anorexic Dread… and that always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling), this only became more obvious when watching live clips.

+favorite track'PUPPETS DANCE'+

So if you are up to give something new a try, get the 7” and help a really promising new band to some well deserved fame.


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